FEES: Our classes run from September through recital in June. The 10 months of tuition have been broken down into 10 equal payments, all holidays and recital rehearsals have been taken into consideration in the fees. Whether there are 3, 4, or 5 classes in a month the tuition price is the same as the price is determined for the entire year, with the final payment due by June 1st. All tuition payments are due on the first of each month. Any payments not received by the 10th of the month are subject to a $15.00 late fee. If you would like to set up auto pay, that can be done at the desk when October tuition is paid. There are no refunds for missed classes. Make up classes are strongly encouraged. If a student should withdraw from class, the studio office needs to be notified immediately. If we are not notified, you will continue to be charged for class. No refunds. Cash, check, and credit cards are accepted forms of payment.

Class fees per month are as follows:
 All 30 minute classes $ 40.00
 All split classes (One hour) $ 54.00
 1- 45-min class $ 48.00
 2- 45-min classes $ 86.00
 3- 45-min classes $115.00
 4- 45-min classes $134.00
 Additional 45-min classes $ 20.00
 For each one-hour class add $ 6.00
 *Boys dance at ½ price!

**Throughout the year, several emails are sent regarding important studio happenings. Please be sure to include a current email address on your registration form.**

A non-refundable costume deposit of $60.00 per class is due by November 30th. Additional costume charges are due by January 15th, 2022. We try to choose a costume that is appropriate to the age of the students, as well as the recital theme. Our costumes are selected from a wide range of companies who in the past have sent us a reliable product. These costumes are not custom made. Students are measured and sized according to charts provided by each costume company. Alterations, if needed, are the responsibility of each student. The costume fee does not include the cost of tights. All students are required to have the same tights for recital. If needed they can be purchased at the desk.

We offer a variety of class days and times. Please be advised that there is a minimum number of dancers required per class for that class to run. The class schedule will be finalized in October. For returning students, your recommended classes have been highlighted. This does not mean that your spot has been reserved. Please complete the enclosed enrollment form and return it with your first month’s tuition to reserve your spot in the highlighted classes. If these classes do not fit in your schedule please contact the studio for alternate class suggestions.

MANDATORY DATES: All students performing in the annual recital in June are required to participate in Dress Rehearsal. This is considered a mandatory rehearsal and not attending may affect your ability to participate in recital. Please see the attached list of important studio dates. This includes all studio closings and mandatory rehearsal dates, as well as dates for Recital 2022.

MAKE-UP LESSONS: Our faculty wants all students to have the same amount of training as their classmates before sharing a stage in June. We know this will make a more confident dancer, as well as a positive recital experience. Make-up lessons are offered for students. There are no refunds/deductions for missed classes and they must be made up within 30 days. Please stop at the front desk to find out when your make up classes are. Consistent attendance is required to maintain your class placement.

SEVERE WEATHER INFORMATION : In the case of inclement weather, we follow the Troy Schools Districts closings. If the Troy School District is closed, the studio will also be closed. This information will be posted on the studio Facebook and the studio voicemail the day of. Make-up classes are available for snow days.

• Ballet students must wear a black leotard, pink tights, and pink leather ballet shoes. Ballet skirts are optional and are at the teacher’s discretion. Ballet students ages 7 & up should have split sole ballet shoes.
• Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, and Hip Hop students must wear (any solid color) leotard & tights, or black leggings, jazz pants, sweatpants, or shorts with a tight fitted solid color top.
• Jazz students must have black slip-on style jazz shoes.
• Lyrical students must have the Bloch Foot Thong III dance shoe.
• Non-Company hip hop classes are required to have black dance sneakers.
• Tap students in split classes and 4-6 year old classes must have black mary-jane style tap shoes. All other tap students must have black oxford style tap shoes.
• Absolutely no shirt or big top of any kind over dancewear.
• Hair must be tightly secured before entering class.
• Loose and sharp jewelry is not allowed in the classroom.
• Please check with staff regarding what type/brand of shoes is recommended.

• The first full week of every month is observation week. The blinds will be open for the last 10 minutes of every class.
• No gum in the studio.
• Juliart Dance Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Please be sure to put your name on the inside of all dance shoes and clothing items worn to the studio.
• Students are not allowed to enter the classroom without supervision.
• Once class is in session, no interruptions please! Doors stay closed.
• No cell phones are allowed in class.
• No food or drink is allowed in the studio, only capped bottled water.
• Students should wait inside the building for their parents.
• Please pick your children up promptly after their class ends. If you are running late please call the studio to let someone know.
• Please do not leave children unattended in the lobby.
• The business phone is available for emergencies only.
• Please let the front desk know as soon as possible if you are not able to perform in our annual recital.
• You will be charged for tuition unless we are notified that a student is dropping out.
• A late charge of $15.00 will be charged for payments not received by the 10th.
• There is a $30.00 fee on all returned checks.

**Questions and concerns need to be expressed…however, since a teacher’s time is limited during studio hours, we request that you leave a message at the desk or call 248-828-7841. Please be sure to leave a daytime phone number and we will get back to you in a timely fashion.**


Juliart Dance Studio
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