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For returning students, check your mail, the recommended classes have been highlighted; this does not mean your spot has been reserved.
If these classes do not work with your schedule please contact Juliart Dance Studio for alternate class offerings.
*Non-performance class. These classes will not perform in our annual recital
**Ballet experience is strongly recommended
#Teacher Permission required for enrollment in these classes
// Indicates class is closed.

Day & TimeClass & AgeDay & TimeClass & AgeDay & TimeClass & Age
Mon 4:45Mini Co. Ballet #Mon 4:45Junior Co. Hip Hop #Mon 4:45Ballet 9-12
Mon 5:30Mini Co. Lyrical #Mon 5:30Experienced Jazz 9-12Mon 5:30Junior Co. Tap #
Mon 6:15Junior Co. Ballet #Mon 6:15Lyrical 9-12 **Mon 6:15Experienced Ballet 5-7
Mon 7:15Junior Co. Lyrical #Mon 7:00Hip Hop 9-12Mon 7:00Experienced Tap 5-7
Mon 8:15Co. RehearsalMon 7:45Jazz 12 & upMon 7:45Tap 9-12
Mon 8:30Hip Hop 12 & up//Mon 8:30Tap 12 & up
Tues 4:30Teen Co. Ballet #*Tues 4:45Advanced Tap #
Tues 5:45Teen Co. Pointe #Tues 5:30Senior Co. Hip Hop #Tues 5:30Intermediate Teen Tap
Tues 6:15Intermediate Teen BalletTues 6:15Teen/Sr. Co. Jazz Tech #Tues 6:15Hip Hop 9-12
Tues 7:00Intermediate Teen Pointe#
Tues 7:30Advanced Ballet #*Tues 7:30Intermediate Teen JazzTues 7:30Teen Co. Hip Hop #
Tues 8:15Intermediate Teen Lyrical**Tues 8:15Teen Co. Tap #
Wed 9:30Pre-Ballet 2 ½ -4
Wed 4:45Experienced Ballet 7-10Wed 4:45Mini Co. Tech#*Wed 5:00Pre-Ballet 2 ½ -4
Wed 5:30Lyrical 7-10 **Wed 5:30Mini Co. Jazz #Wed 5:30Experienced Tap 5-7//
Wed 6:15Experienced Ballet 5-7//Wed 6:15Mini Co. Tap #Wed 6:15Beg. Ballet/Tap Split 4-6//
Wed 7:00Beginning Jazz 6-10//Wed 7:00Ballet 12 & upWed 7:15Experienced Tap 7-10
Wed 7:45Lyrical 12 & up
Thur 2:00Beg. Ballet/Tap Split 4-6
Thur 4:30Junior Co. Ballet Tech #Thur 4:30Senior Co. Jazz #
Thur 5:30Teen/Sr. Co. Ballet Tech #Thur 5:30Junior Co. Jazz #Thur 5:15Beg. Ballet/Tap Split 4-6
Thur 6:30Advanced Pointe #Thur 6:30Teen Co. Jazz #Thur 6:15Pre-Ballet 2 1/2-4
Thur 7:15Co. RehearsalThur 7:30Junior Co. Tech #*Thur 6:45Beg. Ballet 4-6
Thur 8:00Teen/Sr. Co. Lyrical #Thur 8:30Adult JazzThur 7:45Adult Tap
Fri 4:456-10 Beginning BalletFri 4:45Experienced Jazz 7-10Fri 4:45Pre-Ballet 2 1/2-4
Fri 5:30Experienced Ballet 7-10Fri 5:30Beginning Jazz 6-10Fri 5:15Beginning Ballet 4-6
Fri 6:157-10 Lyrical **Fri 6:15Hip Hop 6-10//Fri 6:00Beg. Ballet/Tap Split 4-6
Fri 7:00Experienced Tap 7-10
Technique # * Sat 9:30 Experienced Ballet 5-7Sat 9:30Pre-Ballet 2 ½ -4
Sat 9:00JCD Rehearsals Sat 10:15 Experienced Tap 5-7Sat 10:00Beg. Ballet/Tap Split 4-6
Sat 11:00Beginning Jazz 6-10
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