COVID-19 precautions/ protocols for safely dancing together

We will be STRICTLY enforcing class sizes to maintain safe social distancing requirements. Please make sure you register early to secure your spot!

1. In an effort to limit the number of people in the studio, we ask that parents do not come into the lobby unless necessary. You may either drop students off at the east entrance to the building or come into the hallway in front of the studio. We will have student demonstrators assisting dancers with drop offs and pickups. We understand that this may be difficult for the parents of our younger dancers. The unique layout of our building allows parents to enter the hallway and view their dancers getting into classes without entering the lobby. If you do need to enter the lobby, please wear a mask. * We as that only parents with student in either pre-ballet (ages 2 ½ -4) and the ballet/tap split classes accompany (ages 4-6) students into the building.

2. Just as with school, we ask that you monitor your dancer’s temperature. Dancers with an elevated temp should not attend classes until they return to the “normal” range.

3. Dancers over age 6 will be asked to wear masks into the building as well as in class. Teachers and office staff will wear masks.

4. Each week dancers will need to turn in a completed waiver upon their arrival. (Waivers will be emailed home prior to September 14th.)

5. The lobby will be re-arranged to enable social distancing. The cubbies will also be partially blocked to prevent crowding. (Please only bring the shoes they will be need each day to shorten the time needed to locate the necessary items and lessen lobby traffic.)

6. Once dancers have dropped off their stuff, they will be asked to apply hand sanitizer upon entrance into the dance room. (We will have hand sanitizer readily available at the entrance to each room.)

7. The floors in each dance room have been taped off with the required social distance spacing for dancers to arrange themselves into the room. Ballet barres have spots marked to ensure social distancing.

8. After each class, all common surfaces in each room will be wiped down. (ballet barres, doorknobs, stereo equipment, etc.) All common areas (lobby surfaces, bathrooms, etc.) will be disinfected frequently throughout the day.

9. After each day, the floors in each dance room will be disinfected. All common areas (lobby surfaces, bathrooms, etc.) will be disinfected again at the end of each day.

10. All instructors will be refraining from doing any partner work.

11. Hand sanitizer must be re-applied upon entrance to each class. 


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