Recital is right around the corner!

Just a reminder, all June tuition is due no later than June 4th.

The last week of classes is Tuesday, June 7th through Monday, June 13th.  Dress Rehearsals will be held June 15 & 16 at Avondale High School.  Recitals are June 17 & 18 at Avondale High School.  If you have questions regarding your rehearsal or recital, please stop at the desk.


“Live, Love, Dance”

TICKETS are still available online through Tickets are not available for purchase at the desk.  Tickets will also be available at dress rehearsal and recital for $17.

TUITION: June tuition must be paid in full by Saturday, June 4th (no exceptions). All accounts must be up to date in order for your child to perform in recital. Please check at the desk for your balance.

TIGHTS: Please be sure that your child has the required tights and shoes.

RECITAL HAIR: All hair must be secured with a ponytail holder and bobby pins that MATCH your child’s hair color. All hair should be parted left to right and in a low ponytail. Please be sure to use hair spray and/or gel to secure all loose ends. NO EARRINGS OR JEWELRY OF ANY KIND are allowed. Please remove all nail polish from fingers and toes.

DRESS REHEARSAL: Dress Rehearsal will be held at the Avondale High School auditorium on Wednesday and Thursday, June 15 & 16. Please ask at the desk if you are unsure what day you are required to attend dress rehearsal. Full costume and make-up is required and attendance is mandatory. All flash pictures and videotapes must be taken at this time. No cameras of any kind will be allowed in the auditorium during recital. Sandwiches and refreshments will be available for purchase at dress rehearsal.

Last Week of Lessons: The last week of classes is TUESDAY, JUNE 7TH THROUGH MONDAY JUNE 13TH.

A professional DVD of all three recitals will be taken by DRC VIDEO PRODUCTIONS. Video forms are available at the desk, or may be ordered online at DVD’s are $35.00 per show. They will be mailed directly to your home.

All recitals will be held at Avondale High School, 2800 Waukegan St. Auburn Hills. The Friday evening performance will begin at 7:00 sharp and all students must report backstage by 6:30 p.m. The Saturday matinee performance will begin at 1:00 sharp with all students reporting backstage by 12:30 p.m. The Saturday evening performance will begin at 6:00 sharp with all students reporting backstage by 5:30 p.m. Volunteers need to arrive one (1) hour before show time. Please stop by the desk for your volunteer badge if you have not yet received it.

RECITALS: General Information: All parents will be asked to leave the backstage area 15 minutes before the performance begins. Adult supervision will be provided, so relax and enjoy the show. For your child’s protection no one will be allowed backstage unless they have a pass. (Please see the desk if you will need a backstage pass. Backstage passes are good for intermission ONLY!) Under no circumstances will any student performing be allowed to leave the backstage area or enter the auditorium during recital. Parents should bring games, cards, toys, etc. for your child’s amusement backstage. Please!!! No gum or pop, only capped bottled water. NO PEANUT OR TREE NUTS OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED BACKSTAGE OR IN THE AUDITORIUM.

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