dress rehearsal pic

Dress Rehearsals are next week!  Wednesday & Thursday, June 15 & 16 at Avondale High School.  Still not sure what time you need to be at rehearsal?  Find the complete schedule at: http://juliartdance.com/like_this_goodie/2016/03/Juliart-Important-dates-and-recital-info-2016.pdf.

Here are some important things to remember for your dress rehearsal:

  • Dancers should arrive in full costume with their hair worn in a low ponytail, parted left to right, and full makeup.  Please no nail polish or jewelry of any kind.
  • If your child is in multiple dances please bring all of their costumes.
  • Please try to arrive ten minutes prior to your scheduled start time.
  • Upon arrival, please locate your child’s class in the auditorium and sit with them.
  • We will have use of the backstage dressing rooms for rehearsals.  We ask that once your child is changed they return to the auditorium to once again sit with their class until they are called to go onstage.
  • Dress rehearsal is a great time to take photos and videos of your child onstage.  Please know that we do not allow cameras of any kind in the auditorium during our recitals.
  • We know that next week is a very busy week with the end of the school year wrapping up and dance rehearsals & recitals!  We will be selling refreshments, including “meal deals” at rehearsals in an effort to offer healthy options for our dancers.
  • Once your child has performed their dances onstage you are free to leave.  We will not be rehearsing the finale.
  • While we make every effort to make sure that dress rehearsal runs in a timely manner, this is our only onstage opportunity to address lighting cues and staging issues.  Please be patient with us if we are running slightly behind.  We are working hard to ensure that the recitals are shows you are proud to have your child participate in!
  • Our rehearsals are considered closed rehearsals.   We ask that only dancers and their parents attend.
  • Avondale High School is located at 2800 Waukegan Street in Auburn Hills.

Tickets are still available for purchase online at www.tututix.com/client/juliartdance/.  Tickets will be available for purchase at dress rehearsal for $17.

As always, if you have any questions, please stop by the desk and let us know!  We are looking forward to next week!